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Return of the Light Meditation on January 20th/21st 2019

The World needs us! 🙏🏾💚🌿

Let's come Together and Unite for Planetary Liberation and Peace during the "Total Lunar Eclipse" on January 20th/21st 2019.

We are, you and me, all together, able to change things.
We have the Power to make this World a better place.
We just need to be fully aware of it.

Global Meditation helps decrease criminality, it is proven Scientifically.
Everyone, Together is able to help Change the History.

The Total Lunar Eclipse (occuring in the United States) on January 20th/21st 2019 is a Crucial Time during which we Will, Together, Unite our Consciousness in order to Bring the Light Back to our Planet Earth with the help of the Light Forces.

We Can Reach The Critical Mass Of 144,000 People Doing This Meditation! This Will Create A Massive Healing Chain Reaction In The Energy Field Worldwide. 

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