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If Love is a Drama, then it is not True Love.

Love is a theme I like to draw.

Love isn't just a Romance. It is not like in the movies. It is Infinitely beyond that. Everything starts with the Love of Ourselves. In movies, the majority of the characters are in lack of Self Love. That is why there are always tragedies.

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My Name is FANJA. What is Yours? How to Love your Name.

When I was young, I used to dislike my name because a lot of people didn't pronounce it properly.
I've been called many names : "Fanja", "Fania", "Fanta", "Fenja", "Fenza", and even "Fonzie". haha

Would you believe me if I told you that even the French Administration
typed "Fanta" instead of "Fanja" on my ID Card...?!

Most of my Teachers would put a "Z" instead of a "J", instead of trying to Remember it.

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